Equity and inclusion requires healthy minds and bodies.



Our Services

What do you need to create a safer, healthier, and more just environment at work? At school? At home?

Currently, we offer these areas of focus. We provide orientations on some offerings, but our clients should plan to commit to 6-month+ retainers to do this work. Behavior change does not come overnight:


  • Racial Equity and Health Workshops

  • Mobile Unit Health Screenings

  • Data Gathering/R&D Around Racial Equity and Health


Please contact us so we can learn more about what we do.


In the Media

Leslie, Tina and Kristy on The Non-Profit Happy Hour on XRAY.FM, 1-2p PST (September 2017)

Tina shares her story growing up Vietnamese in Portland.

Leslie shares why racism should be declared a public health crisis with White On Race (April 2017)

Leslie’s podcast interview with KBOO and Cheryl Green, filmmaker and author of Who Am I To Stop It (June 2016)

Leslie’s talk about Racism and Health at Race Talks (August 2015)