It’s time to #FlipTheScript



Right To Health Now!

At Right To Health, we believe racial inequity creates health disparities that have a vast human and financial cost for our society and our nation’s standing in world. You can learn more about what drives our work here.

Our mission: to help people recognize racial inequities using a restorative and health perspective and empowering people with tools to mitigate conflict and stress.

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Our Services

Healthy people make for strong communities. Equity and inclusion requires healthy minds and bodies. We provide a range of organizational consulting and community outreach services.


Right To Health Now!

We are steadfast in our commitment to hold the federal government responsible to take action. Please sign our petition that seeks to declare racism a national, public health crisis. This is a no brainer.



There are several ways you can help Right To Health fuel its mission and vision. Donate, volunteer, or advocate with us today, we need your support! We appreciate any donation size.