By serving people in their community, we build more resilient citizens.

Right To Health is about health prevention. It’s about bringing people together to share, care and alleviate the disparities that come with racial injustice and economic inequality. We are a wholly volunteer group with a vision: to create a national network of healthcare providers, researchers, scientists, healers, community leaders, technologists, educators and anyone else committed to alleviating the ills of racism across all ethnic groups, with particular attention to Black Americans.


Our Guiding Principles

  • To clear up perceptions about race and how racism impacts health disparities in the United States. Racism in America is alive and well as most of us know, but many Americans are afraid, intimidated or simply uninformed on how to address and overcome it.
  • To encourage dialogue and a shared understanding of the subtleties of racism. Subtle racism impacts people’s lives just as much as overt, racist behavior. On the contrary to what many Americans assume about a person’s access and affluence, racism undermines the health outcome for people of color regardless of their socio-economic status, for ALL ethnicities and identities.
  • To drive more research (and to secure its funding) related to racism and health outcome for Americans. Example: A police officer is waiting for you in front of your driveway. He/she is one of several that have been following you after work over the past few weeks. This is not the first time. You didn’t do anything. What are you feeling? The heat coming out of the body. Gripping teeth. Frustration.
  • To encourage the education in, and more study of, the roots of white privilege and “white fragility.” What is it like to be unable to hear that racism exists without going on the defensive?
  • To drive civic engagement so that we talk about all the above with respect for each other. Just like our American veterans who return to civilian life, this is not an easy party conversation. We are all human, and we all want to be happy, be free and prosper.

Let’s do this together.